Frequently Asked Questions

Chances Are You Aren’t The First
What does a day at camp look like?

Each day has band rehearsal and workshops with a QORDS counselor or a community member. Workshops can be about a variety of topics – activism, queer science history, or how to make a zine! 

How much does camp cost? Are there scholarships?
Full Price Registration for camp this year will be $600 with a sliding scale down to $300. 
Here are three suggested tiers to help contextualize your needs compared to our other families. 
    • $600- This price reflects the true cost of camp. If you spend little time worrying about securing basic needs (food, shelter, healthcare, transportation etc) and are able to afford an annual vacation or take time off, this price tier is right for you. 
    • $450- This price tier acknowledges that many people struggle making ends meet and that the cost of camp is prohibitive to many families that do not necessarily struggle with the day to day. You may have debt that does not prohibit meeting basic needs (food, shelter, healthcare, transportation, etc). You are able to occasionally splurge on a vacation annually or every few years without financial burden. 
    • $300- This price tier acknowledges that individuals living paycheck to paycheck will be unable to pay for camp if not for this option. You may be struggling with a steady source of income and have difficulty accessing and meeting basic needs. 
If you have some assistance from family, friends, or partners, please consider using personal resources before using the sliding scale to maximize opportunities for others.   
How are we keeping campers safe in times of COVID-19?

All campers and volunteers are required to have COVID-19 Vaccinations and will have to submit proof 2 weeks before camp. All campers and staff will also be rapid tested before entering camp. If you have additional questions, please contact

Do I need to have previous music experience before coming to camp?

Nope! While those with musical experience are certainly encouraged, previous musical instruction is not required. Campers will be taught an instrument of their choice as well as take part in performance and song-writing workshops. Campers work together with other campers to form bands and write songs. Camp counselors and workshop instructors will be on-site to help campers cultivate their musical talents!

How does the end of camp band showcase work?

The end-of-camp band showcase will be held at UNC Chapel Hill on the evening of Saturday, June 29th. This is where all our bands will get a chance to shine in front of friends, family, and the community! We will also have a live stream available for friends and dear ones who are not able to make it in-person.

If you still have questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us!