Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a day at virtual camp look like?

Campers will still be divided into two age groups 12-14 and 15-17 and will meet Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday. Unicorns, the younger group, will meet in the mornings to have band rehearsal and workshops with a QORDS counselor or a community member. Workshops can be about a variety of topics – activism, queer science history, or how to make a zine. Rainbows, the older group, meet in the afternoons and take the same workshop and have band rehearsals. In the evenings we all come together for movies, games, or other activities.

What are the primary platforms that campers will use?

Our main hub is a custom social media/community platform that only campers and counselors can access called Mighty Networks. Campers can connect to each other with text and photos, get reminders about evening workshops – all on a safer closed network. Counselors will have the ability to see all posts and messages to ensure that campers are following the code of conduct and taking care of one another. We’ll also still have a mental health professional able to talk to any youth in need. We’ll have run-throughs of how all our tech leading up to camp, so never fear! 

Workshops will be held over Zoom.

Do I need to have previous music experience before coming to camp?

Nope! While those with musical experience are certainly encouraged, previous musical instruction is not required. Campers will be taught an instrument of their choice as well as take part in performance and song-writing workshops. Campers work together with other campers to form bands and write songs. Camp counselors and workshop instructors will be on-site to help campers cultivate their musical talents!

How do bands rehearse online?

Campers will be divided into small bands (usually between 3-6 folks) all led by an experienced musician and band coach. Bands will meet three times a week as part of the camp schedule with the goal to present a finalized song at the end of camp showcase! We’ll have walk-throughs of the program we use to coordinate and synchronize bands leading up to camp – no need for a fancy mic or instrument set up.

How does the band showcase work?

All our bands will get a chance to shine in front of friends, family, and the community. We’ll have a watch party streaming on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram of bands’ prerecorded song so we can celebrate all they’ve accomplished!