2022: Online Camp returns!

Both Sessions Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, July 11th-22nd

A camp where LGBTQ+ youth create music, discover themselves, and have fun.

The Camp Experience

For the third year, QORDS is going virtual! Campers will still be divided into two age groups 12-14 and 15-17 and will meet Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday. Unicorns, the younger group, will meet in the mornings to have band rehearsal and workshops with a QORDS counselor or a community member. Workshops can be about a variety of topics – activism, queer science history, or how to make a zine. Rainbows, the older group, meet in the afternoons and take the same workshop and have band rehearsals. In the evenings we all come together for movies, games, or other activities.

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