Frequently Asked Questions

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How Are Campers Sorted Into Rooms?

Youth are sorted into cabins by age instead of gender. Many of our campers are non-binary or genderfluid. There are 1-2 campers per room with several staff members on the hall.

Do Campers Need To Have Musical Experience To Come To Camp?
Nope! While those with musical experience are certainly encouraged, previous musical instruction is not required. Campers will be taught an instrument of their choice as well as take part in performance and song-writing workshops. Campers work together with other campers to form bands and write songs. Camp counselors and workshop instructors will be on-site to help campers cultivate their musical talents!
Can Campers Bring Their Own Musical Instruments?
If campers have an instrument they want to bring, that is great! Just be sure it is labeled with the camper’s name. Instruments will be available at camp, so all campers will have an opportunity to play an instrument whether or not they bring one from home.
How Many Counselors Are There?
Our ratio of staff to campers is high. We have about 12 counselors onsite all week, with other counselors attending at different points to lead workshops. Our ratio is usually 1:1 or 1:2 every day.
What Are The Qualifications Of Camp Staff?

We will have at least two experienced mental health professionals and one physical health professional on staff for each week. Many of our counselors are professional teachers, social workers, nurses, or have other experiences working with youth. All counselors must have background checks and go through our interview process. Counselors are selected based on specific skills needed at camp as well as ensuring that different identities are represented. All counselors are over the age of 22 and identify as LGBTQ. In addition, several staff members are trained in CPR/first aid and knowledgeable about emergency procedures. You can read more about the organizers on the about page.

What Are The Guidelines For Electronic Devices?
All electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc) need to be turned in to parents or guardians in front of QORDS staff at drop off at camp. We need to see this exchange so we can log it. Another option is for phones to be turned into QORDS staff and held in the staff cabin until the bus ride to the venue after camp.
How Can I Get In Touch With My Child During Camp?
Parents will be provided with phone numbers for camp staff who will be onsite all week. Parents are welcome to contact staff to check in on campers or in case of an emergency.
Can I Send A Letter Or Care Package To My Child?
Yes! You can mail letters or cards to the campsite to arrive during the week.  One camper even got a letter from their dog!
Are There Off-Site Activities?

Last year, there were no activities off-site. If this changes, this page will be updated accordingly.

Is The Showcase Performance At The End Of Camp For Family Only?
The showcase performance is open to the public! To give campers a real performance experience QORDS will announce the showcase performance locally, and we hope that family invites friends to come and join in the experience!
How Can The Campers Keep In Touch After Camp?
Campers are able to exchange contact info at camp and we also form a private facebook group each year for that year’s campers and staff to stay in touch. Campers are not allowed to exchange personal contact info with camp staff.
I Want To Volunteer At Camp, But Cannot Stay The Entire Week. Are There Other Roles?
There are many ways to get involved with camp! We are looking for workshop leaders, photographers, videographers, and those who might be able to help with set up or break down of both the camp and the showcase performance. To find out more information contact us or check out our volunteer page to get involved not only at camp but at year-round events!