QORDS Camp was an amazing experience for my child. They never before even expressed interest in going to any type of camp, so I was surprised when they shared the QORDS information with me. I was nervous, but excited for my child to have this experience. The first thing they said to me at the end of the week was, “I would willingly give up my cell phone for longer if I could just stay at camp.” And that’s from a 14-year-old! QORDS does an amazing job and creates a wonderful, welcoming, safe space. My child made great friends and is counting down the days to camp this year.

Danielle, Parent of 2015 camper

Becoming a QORDS camp counselor was one of the best things I've ever done. By connecting with the younger members of my community I've found a home for myself. QORDS to me is about nourishing your inner voice so that you can sing your true self.

Rae, 2013 Counselor

If I had never came to QORDS I would have never gotten the confidence to pursue the Uke. I would have never made such wonderful friends. I have made memories that I KNOW will last me a lifetime and longer.

Shay, 2013 Camper

If I would have never come to QORDS

I wouldn’t have never met you and you

I would have been lost in proper pronouns

left face down in a deck of identity

The same question...who am I?...

Freestyling frets

I came to QORDS so i’m queer

with less regrets. Because outside of this

camp fire the world is a little cold.

If I never came to QORDS I would never have been told

You can sing. Kinda.

No homo left behind, I...formed family in

a week long stretch of rainbow thank you, for building history with me.


Justin, 2013 Camper