camp life

Hanging outQORDS- a camp where youth come together to create music, learn about LGBTQ issues, and have fun in the North Carolina mountains.

QORDS is a 5 night/6 day overnight summer camp for queer and gender non-conforming  youth or youth of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual (LGBTQQIA) families, with special focus on youth in the South. Young people ages 12-17 form bands or hip hop groups and write songs to perform at the end of the week. They also attend workshops on issues related to creative expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Campers will be grouped in housing according to age, not gender identity or expression. We use preferred names and pronouns at camp. Youth will be transported from the campsite on the final afternoon to the performance venue by camp staff in a rental van. Families and caregivers will pick up the youth from the performance venue, after attending the end of week celebration, to transport them home afterwards.


week by week

We spend our time engaging in outdoor fun, traditional camp activities (hikes! rock climbing), singing by the campfire, attending workshops and --of course-- practicing our music.

Sample camp activities may include: hiking, campfires, art and crafts, dancing, drag, workshops on topics such as consent and sexual health, organizing for change, performance, and more! There will also be some “down time” for rest and quiet conversation. As well as time spent reflecting on personal experiences and how to express those experiences through creative writing. Each day campers attend band practice, which includes instrument instruction, song-writing workshops, and general practice with band members. Youth will perform their original music and poetry onstage at the end of the week for family and community members.

sample schedule

  • 8am - Breakfast 
  • 9am - Opening Circle
  • 10am - Organizing for Social Change Workshop 
  • 11am - Quiet Band Meetings 
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 1pm - Instrument Instruction Workshop 
  • 2pm - Drag Performance Workshop 
  • 4pm - Band Practice
  • 6pm - Dinner
  • 7pm - Drag Show 
  • 8pm - Climbing Wall
  • 9pm - Quiet Time 
  • 10pm - Lights Out

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