About the Organizers

Tavi Hancock, Founder and Treasurer 

Tavi is a licensed clinical social worker who works with adolescents and adults, has directed summer camps in NC, and recently formed an LGBTQ wellness center in Durham, NC. They have played guitar, drums, and sang in various bands in the past and find it impossible to stand still when dance music is playing. They are ready for liberation in our lifetime!





Tee Dubose, Co-Chair

Tee joined QORDS  in Fall 2014.  Tee holds an MBA in Graphic Design from DMAC (Digital Media Arts College).  As a studio/graphic artist, Tee is creator/owner of Bigred Designs.  In addition to being committed to the LGBTTQQIAA, Tee is a kid at heart and loves video games, legos, and music.






Matt Trower, Co-Chair


Matt joined up with QORDS in Fall 2014 and was immediately smitten, leading to their current position on the Core Team. Matt has a BFA in Illustration with a Concentration in Gender, Sexuality, and Race from RISD and has lived in Durham since 2013. When not at their job, they can often be found rock climbing or making the comics about the queer & trans experience that they never got to read in their own youth. If you give them half a chance they have the ability to talk for hours about their darling dog child, Evan Williams.




Femi Shittu

Femi is a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro pursuing a dual major in Psychology and African American/African Diaspora Studies. She is committed to being a queer person of color in the mental wellness field which is desperately needed. Also being committed to the social and economic justice of people of color, as well as, intersecting queer people of color into this work Femi is on the board of QPOCC(Queer People of Color Collective). She is on the core team for QORDS(Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer) which is a summer music camp for queer youth. She is also a coordinator for youthSAFE a mentorship program that provides a safe space for LGBTQ youth once a week.


Déborah Ramos-Smiley

Deb bio photo
Déborah Ramos-Smiley is a public school orchestra director and professional cellist. She's played acoustic and electric cello in a variety of musical styles and groups and has a passion for creating and teaching a love of music. Although cello is a first love, she also plays a variety of string instruments and works towards celebrating and encouraging diversity within musical culture. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her spouse, Seisha, and their four cats.





QORDS meeting minutes and by-laws are available to the public upon request.  We reserve the right to charge printing costs.


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