Our Mission

By empowering Southern queer & trans youth and building community through music, QORDS is a vehicle for expressing gender and sexuality, and harbors an environment of self-discovery and social change.

Our Core Values

We are committed to promoting the creativity, confidence, leadership, and prosperity of southern youth queers. We recognize that gender and sexuality are multidimensional concepts that intersect with issues including, but not limited to, institutions, race, class, and heritage. We aim to nurture intersectional spaces and claim music as a vehicle of queer empowerment.

Our Story

QORDS was founded in 2012 by four friends: Tavi Hancock, Davis Hodge, Cassy Dorff, and Harper Ragin. The original concept for the camp was inspired by Tavi’s interaction with the Queer Rock Camp of Olympia, WA and all of our experiences with amazing queer youth across a diverge range of southern communities. Since 2012 our organization has grown to include an array of activists, leaders, and volunteers. Our current core team can be read about here. In addition to our core team we have four regional teams in Asheville, Durham, and Greensboro, North Carolina as well as in Virginia that outreach and fundraise year-round.

Founded in 2012. Inspired by Queer Rock Camp of Olympia, WA. and Queer youth everywhere.

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